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understanding, what makes a location a place to be

understanding, what makes a location a place to be

distinct architecture - attractive places
high value-added - socially & economically



Concept and project development

ADBC_ synthesises requirements and proposals by all stakeholders into a concise concept. We build concepts by sketches, diagrams, plans or models to communicate what can be done, what should be done and where.
Mix of usages, building volumes, connections, passage frequencies, sequences of public and private spaces, target groups, competitors, cost and revenue – in relation to the project: „hard” and “soft” facts get woven together. That way decisions are made on solid grounds.

Orientation / genius loci

Genius loci contains atmosphere and aura of a place and its vicinity. Here the society’s memory, perception and interpretation merge. In order to form a project with character and value the Genius loci is defined and merged with new intentions.
A new general orientation is deducted from here by analogies and sketches. Orientation and concept together form the programmatic basis for further development.


Architecture and application planning

Prospects, preliminary or full building permit: we offer the planning package tailored for your project:
basic analysis, preliminary design, schematic design, application planning, leading construction details, coordination – and also:

Architecture management

The architecture manager is the agent of positioning. He makes sure that the project vision is translated into the actual project through continuous follow-up of those conceptual core characteristics derived from orientation and concept.


Value-add oriented steering of real estate portfolios

ADBC_ synthesises deep experience by managing and having managed more than 100 properties - be it retail, office, residential or mixed-use.

Our scope of works is extensive:

agency, letting, relocation, renegotiation, repositioning,
modernisation, acquisition of building rights,
consulting during acquisition and sales: valuation, opportunities & risks, contract design


Second opinion

Ambiguity, doubts or simply lack of enthusiasm in the middle of a project? Based on experience ADBC_ analyses options efficiently and quickly. Well-grounded comments on strengths & weaknesses, opportunities & risks will deliver the necessary starting points for intervention.

Specialised focus: mixed-use-projects with a focal point on retail

Investable retail architecture is based on effective junctions and visibility – internally and externally. Attractive destinations, tenant-mix, permeability and quality of stay together form the core of successful places.
Above and below retail areas additional layers for parking, working and living need to be positioned in a way that the traditional mix of functions of the European city is preserved or re-installed. Such projects are highly complex not only due to overlapping layers and usages. We apply specific experience about the crossing of operational requirements with urban planning requirements.
These kinds of scenarios have been thought through and negotiated for > 20 inner-city retail-destinations by us through own concepts as well as through briefings for architects.


Positioning I

Focus – building further

These project examples carry valuable characteristics from existing places into complementary new buildings. We keep searching for relatedness with the existing context – not for sharp contrasts. The result is value-adding completion of buildings with strong identities.

Positioning II

Focus - communities

When today’s cities are getting more and more compacted, compensations are needed. These can be of different nature, ranging from newly inserted pocket parks to affordable housing. Cities live through diversity and participation. We do initiate and develop projects including positive social impact.


In our era of anything goes simple categories for design decisions are required. Simplification makes sense, opens the scope and reduces ambiguities. A persistent design attitude towards clarity produces character and elegancy. ADBC_ argues pro-quality und injects value-adding know-how from all phases of the real estate lifecycle. Thinking the upward spiral: usability and attractiveness create value, thus value becomes the central argument for quality.

Asset Management

After planning and construction phases the long-term phase of operation starts. We invest, operate and manage real estate. Valuable knowledge is generated from this daily routine, which again is injected in new projects.


Dirk Bücker

CEO ADBC_real estate development GmbH

„My main tools are sketches, drawings, models and images. While working, these tools are simultaneously translated into calculations. That way aesthetic, social and economic value is created.“

ADBC_ advances architecture further into the spheres of society and economics.

We deliver concepts combining high design standards with high profitability and appropriate social and ecologic impacts.

We build on 20+ years of working experience in every aspect of the real estate life-cycle - as architect, urban planner, developer, broker, asset manager and investor:

Analysis and trading of plots are basic to any project.

Which price definition and which negotiation strategy leads to a successful deal?
Pricing of properties is the function of market value plus potential through positioning.

Positioning forms value beyond location.

Which offer finds contented tenants and visitors?
Institutions, companies, groups, people search for locations where they want to live, work and stay. Value is derived from attractiveness and functionality.

Urbanism considers building stock and potential through the context.

Which forms are able to strengthen or establish a location and its neighbourhood?
Quantities and qualities of form and content need to be explored early. New elements emerge from the project’s core settings.

Architecture is coherent design which forms identity.

Which themes and which forms supply a cultivated and clear character for the individual place?
Architecture is no less than efficient and complete design with regards to high aesthetic, cultural, communicative and usability characteristics.

Asset management secures the creation of value and preserves quality standards of existing assets.

Which attitude supports current operations and further develops current facilities?
Continuous value-add is derived from preserving assets and securing appreciation for them by users and visitors.

The right point in time for a drastic re-orientation needs to be recognised.

Which conditions have changed and which of them call for a complete change of direction?
Priorities are defined and necessary adaptions for new times get initiated.


2017 CEO, ADBC_real estate development GmbH Berlin | Halle
2012-2017 Chief Investment Advisor, ECP Finance Ltd, IE & Preferred Retail SA, LUX Berlin | Leipzig
2008-2012 Design Manager Germany, Sierra Developments GmbH Düsseldorf | Lissabon
2006-2008 Executive-MBA ESCP-Europe ESCP-Europe Paris
2004 Architect, Architektenkammer Berlin & Verband Beratender Ingenieure Berlin
1998-2003 Project Manager & Office-Manager, Max Dudler Architekt Berlin | Zürich
1990-1998 Diplom-Ingenieur Architektur TU Dortmund
1970 Born in Bochum


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Dirk Bücker
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